Career Transition & Outplacement

The certainty of having a long-term career with a single employer largely belongs to a bygone era.  These days, the capacity for both individual employees and their organisations to cope with unexpected organisational changes and the staff redundancies / retrenchments which often flow as a consequence, is critical to their success in navigating through today’s professional world.

The Founding Director of Dakin Mayers, Peter Dakin, was a pioneer in providing career transition and outplacement services to clients in Victoria and subsequently developed a national alliance. The firm continues to assist organisations and their employees through these difficult and often stressful times through its suite of CareerConnect Programs.

Career Transition Program participants have regularly commented that, “the process is extremely interesting, challenging, and rewarding!

As experienced Career Management Consultants our role is to support you, offering strategic advice and suggestions to ensure your time and energy during the transition period is spent productively. Your consultant will personally guide you through the program spending much of the time in ‘one-on-one’ discussions with you. Some key elements of our program include helping you set the criteria for your next role and career objective, resume preparation, assisting with job applications, networking, setting up LinkedIn, interview techniques and employment offer/contract advice.

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Career Transition Program participants have regularly commented that, “the process is extremely interesting, challenging, and rewarding!”

During your Program you will find a strong emphasis is placed on developing the networking skills essential to engage successfully with the ‘hidden job market,’ as well as the need to build ‘career resilience’ into the future, whether it lies in permanent or contract employment, consulting, self-employment or a ‘portfolio career.’

Typically, our discussions with a client will focus most strongly on providing support to those executives and staff members who will be separating from the organisation. However, we take a holistic approach and wherever possible seek to become a trusted partner to our clients (generally through HR Management) from the early planning stages, so that we can suggest appropriate support strategies for other stakeholders, including managers directly involved in terminating staff and the employees who will be remaining in their roles.

We believe maintaining organisational morale and a sense of purpose amongst remaining staff through difficult times, is just as important as giving career transition and outplacement support to those employees whose positions have been made redundant.