Executive Contracting

To maintain staff and operational continuity at times of peak demand; to undertake one-off or special projects; or following the unexpected departure of a key executive through illness or resignation, organisations sometimes need the services of a Contract Executive with proven technical and managerial competence, industry knowledge and a high level of adaptability.

Dakin Mayers is able to assist you at these times by providing short-term management capability through an Executive Contractor. Our comprehensive database of professional Contractors, each thoroughly screened and reference checked is an extremely valuable resource in terms of responding to client requests in a timely manner.

In sourcing these candidates, Dakin Mayers looks for that indefinable ‘extra’ in the individual. Someone who can readily engage with the client’s business goals, even in the short term; who has the capacity to quickly grasp and align with an organisation’s culture and its management style; who can deal with any immediate issues; and who can make a truly valuable contribution.

This extra dimension of our service has often enabled our clients to effortlessly convert a short-term Contract appointment into a permanent position, whenever the opportunity has arisen.



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