Executive Recruitment & Search

In business terms, investing in professional and competent Recruitment & Executive Search services can give an organisation its competitive edge.

At Dakin Mayers these services are performed by experienced and well credentialed experts who have a thorough understanding of the needs of the client; the capacity to source a broad range of prospective candidates; a keen ability to assess them in light of the position criteria and organisational culture via in-depth competency based interviews; and provide the client with a quality short-list of candidates who have been benchmarked against all the requirements of the position and fully reference checked prior to final selection and appointment.

For 28 years, our firm has been using well-tested methodologies for Executive Recruitment & Search to find and place quality candidates at middle management, senior executive, C-Suite and Board levels.

The people we recommend for appointment are attracted to an organisation’s potential, and nearly all are retained to become valued employees who progress their careers within the organisation.

This outcome is our best advertisement! Refer to our ‘Long Standing Placements’ and list of ‘Senior Management Positions Filled’.

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Recruitment Methodology

Dakin Mayers has three distinct approaches and methodologies towards recruitment assignments:

  • Advertised Recruitment
  • Ad Search
  • Executive Search

Advertised Recruitment

Advertising is fast and effective and if appropriately targeted, well written, and in the right print media, will attract people who are seeking a new challenge, and are able to identify with both the mission and objectives of our client. As advertising in print media is costly, we always discuss with our client the merits of media advertising and use of their logo before finalising the optimum strategy. We also register the position on selected Internet sites for increased coverage in a format that is easily accessible to candidates across Australia and overseas.

Ad Search

In order to effectively implement an appropriate strategy to ensure that the highest quality candidates are identified in the marketplace within the shortest period of time, Dakin Mayers often recommends the process of Ad Search which combines the best aspects of both Advertised Recruitment and Focused Executive Search. It is designed to identify potential candidates who could be missed by relying on conventional advertising alone and also demonstrates due process and transparency for our clients.

Executive Search

Utilising our Research Department, through extensive networking, and drawing upon our specialist knowledge of the marketplace, we identify potential individuals for the role, approach them confidentially to engage their interest, and interview them to assess suitability. Our comprehensive database (12,000 plus candidates), built up over the course of our many searches in various industry sectors across Australia, plays a strong part in identifying potential candidates for our search. Additionally, our Senior Consultants are LinkedIn specialists with high calibre and diverse industry related networks. Confidentiality is assured for applicants who might not want to divulge their identities at the preliminary stage.